It is really quite funny how most people think the world runs like how it is supposed to be, that everything is fine. It is even more laughable to hear words that praise how much strides over the betterment of the species we have taken. When you start looking at life and agreeing to these words then you should be scared–it can only mean that you have been brainwashed to become a mindless drone.

The world is not running well, this is not how things should operate and we have not made any strides over the betterment of our species. In fact, we have gone from bad to worse.
The educational system has made us think like we are cattle. The government treats us like cattle. Technology has transformed us to be cattle.

When people start questioning the status quo they are usually treated as a pariah, a person bordering on the insane, a lunatic. I say those who do not question the status quo and simply go along are the most dangerous people you will ever be in contact with. They are the ones who will allow violence, crime, thievery and social ills to linger because drones do no think. They are cold, ruthless, mindless creatures that only consider their interests and never others. True, some of these drones display a sense of altruism and goodwill, but there truly is none. Charity, philanthropy and social work is a lame excuse, a vicious cycle by which we prolong people’s lives so they live a little longer in this messed up world–only to suffer and die anyway. There is no hope, not unless we look at ourselves and understand “mea culpa”– create change. Destroy this system to build a new system.