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May 9, What We Ought to Remember


Election Day is just around the corner.

The highest office in the government is up for grabs.

Once more, we are all at the helm of making an important decision—finding a President.

The search had been a messy business.

From the bitter rivalry in Tejeros that led to Bonifacio’s death, to his bones being dug by Quezon when he ran against Aguinaldo for the Commonwealth Government down to the most recent Presidential elections—this period of campaigning for votes had never been short of brutal, scandalous and barbaric.


Campaign Material Highlighting Aguinaldo’s involvement in the killing of Bonifacio. A memory of a bitter rivalry.


This year’s Presidential campaign is definitely not an exemption. Sparing no tactic from the manual, our current President Wannabes had shown their desire to take everything down the wire—and when we say down the wire, it means following what the handbook says to the letter.

A bit of mud-sling here and there, a few drops of self-righteous words, a trickle of some sweet promises and a touch of i-am-better-than-the –rest lines had completed the perfect mix of the herbs and spices necessary to cook the stew for the race of who will be the 16th President of an already divided, extremely unjust and corrupt democratic government run by the elites.

Our candidates have proven to be no better than the ones before them by employing the same techniques, but if they have not learned from history, I think we should.

The lesson being that CHANGE does not and will not come from the candidates—CHANGE is actuated by us. That regardless of who will win, if we, as a people, continue to stay blind, divided and apathetic then we will never have achieved anything this coming elections.

Let us not allow blind belief in one candidate merit them the right to tamper with the electoral process, cheat nor prey on the plight of the poor by paying our brothers and sisters for their sacred votes this coming elections.

Let us all grow up.

Stop the hate.

Remember that the people you get into a tasteless debate on FB and Twitter are Filipinos. They are fighting for your, not against you. True, they may have a different candidate in mind, but they want the same things as you do, which makes you two allies not enemies.

The real enemies are the capitalists, the elitist (in our case the oligarchs)and other shady people who fuel the vote-buying, who strong-arm and manipulate the candidates to further their interest and rig the polls—all for their own personal interests.

You may have chosen to be YELLOW, BLUE, WHITE, RED or hell you could have chosen RAINBOW (if there is a candidate who goes by that color), but at the end of the day, YOU are all FILIPINOS who want nothing more, but a better country.

Let us continually show diversity and campaign for our beliefs and for those whom we believe should lead the nation, but be wise enough not to plant seeds of hate, disunity and apathy along the way.

At the end of the day, what is more important on May 9 is not just who wins, but how we secure that whoever wins will know that we as a people are united. That we will be watching them and are ready to take them on , their administration, policies, decisions and government should they violate our Democracy.

For we, the people, are the government, and the authority and the power of the government emanates from its people.

United we stand a chance to see actual change. Divided we become mere tools to those the elite who will do nothing, but take advantage from all us.

Make a change. Dare to be different.


The Television is Evil

Most of us would remember a time when entertainment is but limited to toys and playing in the yard. Kids utilizing their physical vigor to do things and learning how to be sociable was recreation back then. Nowadays, though, where people move to cities which are cramped, crowded and unsafe for kids to play, to make a living—fun has taken a different turn.

In an attempt to make the kids safe and secure most parents introduce the television and computer as the primary means of entertainment. Rarely do we see kids go to playgrounds and play with kids their age today. Cases of kids getting addicted to gaming consoles and computer games have risen exponentially since the computer was made public. Mickey Mouse, has all been forgotten and had been replaced with far more complex characters that sometimes portray things our parents would have warned us against a couple of decades ago.

Technology has in effect bred the coming generation to be insensitive to each other. Being sensitive to others or being sociable has been replaced with individualistic isolation. Something that is brought by the fact that at a young age most of the kids today are glued to television sets or their consoles unmindful of what is happening outside. The next decade will be marked with apathy and total disregard towards others as technology continually produces tools of isolation.

No sane person, may it be a parent or not, would like kids to watch a gunfight right outside the house, yes? But, take a look at what we expose the kids to today. Children no longer watch Bugs Bunny nowadays. Yes, they do watch cartoons, but unlike the ones we grew up with, most of the cartoons today show violence euphemistically veiled by playful music or characters. Movie and TV shows nowadays expose the next generation to bloodshed, crime, violence and hate. Gaming today has also been not the ideal recreation we have had before. Some games have the objective of killing before getting killed, building empires to trample other empires and the likes.
What do you think are we programming the children of today to? Obviously, it is not towards altruism and goodwill. With the amount of violence, sadness, grief and crime our kids hear and see from today—reinforced with the recreation we allow them to be immersed—we have been programming our children to be unsympathetic and cold.

Our humanity has been fading. The sense of community that brought about lasting good to our species has been replaced with empty recreation.


The Heartless Society

Amongst the many other things we have bred in this present generation is the incapability to conjure genuine feelings towards others. It truly is a shame when we have mastered the cold numbness in our hearts towards other people simply because they do not belong to the same click we have, the community we belong to, the religion we adhere to or the country we came from.

It has been this inherent ability to stick together as a species that have allowed our race to survive the cruel and crude evolutionary process. Yet, over the years we have totally neglected this essential trait for our very survival. As an evolving species we have endured the rough process by thriving in communities with properly accorded roles and willfully carried out practices. One of these evolutionary traits that have made the human species surpass the strict laws of survival in nature is our inherent affinity towards our own kind–one that has diminished significantly with the advent of technology. Today we have almost totally untangled every fabric of the very thing that accorded us the term “humanity”.

We simply go on our daily lives–plying our trades, enjoying our privileges, relishing our chosen forms of recreation totally oblivious of the pitiful plight some of our kind are in. As long as things are all right we have simply not shown enough concern to those unknown to us. We have built illusory barriers as an excuse to keep our minds away from our biological inherited trait necessitated for survival.



We have just grown so desensitized by our selfishly created boundaries. The very reason for our survival has all been reduced to a philosophical argument only whispered in the halls of universities and philanthropic gatherings. Distinctions caused by religion,race,nationality,ethnic background,skin color and status have stripped our humanity away from us.

Today we are no longer homo sapiens. Our very extinction is just at the doorstep anticipating the time when the next generation of our species takes control and palpably mark the end of days for our very species. We have left no lasting legacy of humanity, but being inhumane.

The Lies of Education

It is quite disappointing and disgusting how the educational system connects to the children and parents of today. I do not intend to blame the teachers for this current grotesque observation. I know and have met some fine educators whose passion for their craft is truly worthy of praise. It is the system, however, that has led these educators to brainwash the minds of the very children they have ever so desired to educate.

Harsh as it may seem, the education that has been fed to us is nothing but a conditioning of the mind towards to dehumanization of every single individual in this planet. We have given the next generation and heirloom of hogwash and lies skillfully webbed and hidden from all of us that some of us have willingly accepted it as truth. How so? Let us visit what education has actually taught us and what we are allowing our children to be taught.


For almost a millennium now we have been made to accept that the map as we see today is actually the cartographic representation of the how the continental land masses look like. We take it as gospel truth, since this is what we have been fed with as students (I think our teachers have been misled growing up believing the same thing). However, unknown to most of us, this is not how the world looks.

map of the world

The map above, called the Mercator map, that is  currently printed and used in classrooms today dates back to 1569. Our children are being taught archaic knowledge, if we are basing geography on a 1596 map, are we not?

Well then, for a fair argument, most of us really do not challenge the status quo. Either because we simply do not care or are totally oblivious to the fact that there is a new map charted and it has been accepted by the scientific community as accurate.


This new map was crafted to correct the errors of the 1596 map spread and taught in schools today. If you look at the map currently in circulation, Greenland would appear to be the same size as Africa. If you are not convinced take a look at any map you see. That is just wrong. Africa, in reality, is fourteen times much larger than Greenland.

The map that we see above is the accepted correct representation of the land masses presented on 1974 and printed on 1983 as charted by Dr. Arno Peters. Would it be not better to teach something up-to-date in schools? Well, there is a reason why this map is not taught in school. One reason is that it has become convenient, psychologically and practically, through the eras of colonial domination when most colonial powers were European. It suited them to maintain an image of the world with Europe at the center looking much larger than it really is. (

We have been taught wrongly and our kids are also being taught wrongly. Where has science gone, if we only settle down teaching false representation to our children? Shouldn’t Science be the systematic and accurate search for knowledge?


When taught at school, we are made to understand the Evolution is a theory, because we are still in the process of proving it. This is acceptable since rationally anything that is currently still being proven is still considered a theory. What is quite baffling though, is that when Creation is taught in some schools, it is taught as a fact.

I mean what proof do we have that we were created by some God? Truth be said, we are no closer at finding proof of us being created compared to us stemming from a single celled organism to a more complex one. At least for the latter we have visual and scientific evidence, tangible specimens that may lead us one day to finalizing the theory towards and accepted truth. When it come to Genesis, even some archaeologist and biblical scholars would tell us that we have yet to find a physical proof.

And, NO, we can never accord our existence towards faith, because if we were indeed created by a loving and benevolent creator, we would not have had all the social ills we have today. If we came from one human race how come there are some genetic diseases only inherent to one race? Like the Ashkenazi disease which only manifests in Jews or the Tay-Sachs disease only manifesting in Eastern Europeans? If we had one father Adam, should we not all have the same genetic susceptibilities? I guess, educators and schools, regardless of the religious backing should take a step back and not be too audacious as to teach the Bible’s record of Creation as a universal truth until they can present truths to the claims presented in the Bible, much less the questions we posed.


I am from the Philippines so I am going to talk about the historical inaccuracies we allow our kids to be fed. On an old five peso bill, we see Emilio Aguinaldo (the first president of the first Philippine Republic) raising the Philippine flag as he reads the declaration of independence. This has been an accepted fact and also taught in school.

banknote 5 philippine peso reverse

This is not really accurate. According to mainstream history, while Emilio Aguinaldo was reading the Declaration of Independence he was also waving the Philippine Flag. Come on, everyone, how can you wave a flag so heavy while reading a document and reading as you have been led to believe?

Nick Joaquin, a renowned author and National Artist, wrote extensively about the brainwashing inaccuracies in our history being taught in the educational system, yet none from the government sector in charge of education and the historical societies we have, even bothered considering the truth and changing the lies the have is being allowed to be taught to the “future of the motherland”.

Education has become nothing, but a commodity sold at a very commercial rate for private schools. For public schools, it has been nothing, but a formality.

Today education has become nothing, but a mere display of parents showing off for birthday parties at school. Some parents clothe children with expensively woven garbs for plays, dances and cultural shows of which the significance and value is not even taught to their kids. Everything has become a show of pride. The ludicrous expense parents spend for schooling does not equate to education.

Education has taken a fall. It has become nothing, but a tool to make our kids conform to social norms and be afraid to dream and dare to be different. It has only secluded children to the realities of life, rendered them malleable and gullible to the whims of society—this is the primary reason why the Philippines has been stuck in the rut it has found itself in for decades.

We have so many professionals, very few with jobs. Why? Because the system has taught nothing but empty lectures that do not even contain the whole truth. Because the system teaches values they do not live by and because we allow our educational system to be a dysfunctional shameful fiasco of hogwash.



Mea Culpa

It is really quite funny how most people think the world runs like how it is supposed to be, that everything is fine. It is even more laughable to hear words that praise how much strides over the betterment of the species we have taken. When you start looking at life and agreeing to these words then you should be scared–it can only mean that you have been brainwashed to become a mindless drone.

The world is not running well, this is not how things should operate and we have not made any strides over the betterment of our species. In fact, we have gone from bad to worse.
The educational system has made us think like we are cattle. The government treats us like cattle. Technology has transformed us to be cattle.

When people start questioning the status quo they are usually treated as a pariah, a person bordering on the insane, a lunatic. I say those who do not question the status quo and simply go along are the most dangerous people you will ever be in contact with. They are the ones who will allow violence, crime, thievery and social ills to linger because drones do no think. They are cold, ruthless, mindless creatures that only consider their interests and never others. True, some of these drones display a sense of altruism and goodwill, but there truly is none. Charity, philanthropy and social work is a lame excuse, a vicious cycle by which we prolong people’s lives so they live a little longer in this messed up world–only to suffer and die anyway. There is no hope, not unless we look at ourselves and understand “mea culpa”– create change. Destroy this system to build a new system.


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